CONTENT WARNING: this comic depicts medical abuse and psychiatric institutionalization.


this page is currently a work in progress!

Fresh meat is a comic about a girl with clinical depression and her first experience with a psychiatric hospital, as well as its other residents. here are the main troupers:


"kimberley yu. she/her. 17 years. protagonist. detained for a suicide attempt due to depression."


"gray Folie. 24 years. 17 at first commitment. author (not actually in the comic). chronic professionally diagnosed shit life syndrome."

"sugar kysley. she/her. 19 years. lunchmate. reason for detainment unclear.""lou whittacker. she/her. 57 years. lunchmate. admitted for voluntary detainment."Carmilla Karnstein. she/her. 36 years. lunchmate. detained for homicidal thoughts.Tabitha Maimon. she/her. 28 years. roommate. detained for attempting suicide.